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We are a collection of water-sport enthusiasts with an emphasis on Wakesurfing. Ranging from professional coaches, competitive athletes, non-profit water-sport board members to passionate amateurs we love one thing more than most… Wakesurfing!


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Bryce Wagner:   Bryce is a Professional Wakesurf coach based out of Kelowna, British Columbia.   He spends his summer months coaching in the area and running his Off the Grid wakesurf school.  Growing up involved in watersports he wakeboarded and waterskied competitively before moving into wakesurfing.  He has been involved with, learned from and worked with world class water-sport athletes for the last 25 years. He is the wakesurf director for Waterski Wakeboard BC.  His love and dedication to the sport has him involved year round following the sun when not running his school in kelowna.  Due to his dislike of wearing shoes you can often find him in the winter at his  locations in Arizona with brief stints in Florida.

My Mom, Debbie, always told me the story that I’ve been on the water since I was born. My dad, Larry, even has the pictures to prove this but I will save those if we ever find ourselves on a boat together.  Growing up, I was fortunate enough to spend my summers enjoying all that the lake had to offer at our family cabin in Eastern Washington State.  I began water skiing recreationally at age five. I started skiing competitively at age thirteen [slalom], and then learned to Jump and Trick.

In my mid-teens, while I still water skied, I quickly transitioned into wakeboarding. I couldn’t think of anything better then flying upside down behind the boat. This eventually lead in me to participating in a wakeboarding competition before finally finding my most passionate water sport, wakesurfing (which is definitely different from wakeboarding) Eventually I competed in a wake surfing competition and instantly fell in love, leaving my feet strapped into to a board behind me. Over the last few years, my competitive wake surfing has taken a bit of a back seat as I have realized my true passion is actually coaching. Although my time has been directed more into coaching position, I still manage to compete at a few events around the globe every year, so I can do what I love while supporting my friends, clients and other athletes.  

Coaching truly is my calling and I’m very lucky to do what I love.  As the saying goes, “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life” Not many of us get to say that, which is why I am very fortunate that I get to tell people that I don’t really have a job while still smiling.

I’ve had the pleasure of coaching a wide range of people from beginners to world champions. I really truly enjoy the confidence and joy that I can help create within the sport that I love so much. In my opinion, there is no better feeling then being behind a boat in the water. Sunny days spent on the lake with family and friends enjoying the outdoors is really hard to beat. All those great days result in the best memories not only for myself, but all the people I get to share that experience with and I look forward to many days like those.

Whether you are looking to learn something new, sharpen up your surfing skills, become a competitive athlete or just wanting to have a great day out on the water I really believe that your experience is something that you will be talking about not only with the people that you spend the day with but your other friends, family or co-workers as we create memories to last a lifetime. I love being a part of that.

“When it comes to coaching safety is always my top priority, I believe in building new skills, based off the fundamentals, to learn in a safe controlled manner with a focus on FUN”.

 “Teaching is my life, especially when we are responsible for their growth”.

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