Here’s an interview we did with Pro Wakesurfer Sara Tallon . For those of you that don’t know her, she’s pretty impressive! She won the World Championships in the amateur category in 2017 in Kelowna, B.C. Then moved on to the Outlaw category in 2018…she won that, another world championship. 

Do you get a belt with this? Do you get some cool trophies?

I wish! I’d wear that to school every day. 

In 2019 you got second place in Pro in Utah, what can you say about that?

I’m super happy about that for my first year in Pro. That’s super awesome. 

Last year was a little bit weird. With competing and stuff, you probably didn’t have the result you wanted. 

No, I definitely did not but 2020 is behind us now. We’re in 2021. 

Where’s home? Where’s home and where are you now? 

I’m from cold Canada. From Sylvan Lake. I come down to the nice warm Florida winters. I’ve just been here for a couple weeks. I’m going back and come back again in a couple weeks as well. 

So, you are in Florida right now. Is it cold there?

No. It’s not that cold actually. For me, it’s not that cold. For all my other friends, it’s crazy. 

Who are you there with? 

Yeah. I’m down here with Ashley Inloes and Bailey Dunn, two people I compete against. Im also with Nick Parros as well. 

Do you guys have some friendly competition going on there? Is it competitive vibes or is it all fun and games? 

It’s pretty chill. Everybody is just helping out everybody. Yeah, it’s fun. 

Are you in the Orlando area?

Yeah, we’re on Chase Lake. There’s a whole bunch of chain lakes together but we go on Chase most of the time. It does not get much better. These guys are living the good life down here. 

What’s your home lake like? 

It is very touristy town. Thankfully, I live right on the lake so I don’t have to travel far to get to the boat. It’s pretty big lake actually. And yeah, it’s super nice in the summertime. You go out in the morning, nobody’s out. When you go at night, it’s perfect way to end the night. Leave the days for the tourists, yeah. With no licenses and renting boats. 

You probably have some sponsors.  We should just get into it. Kind of represent my haircut, put the business right at the front of this thing and leave the party at the back? 

I get all my lessons from Off the Grid Surf School. And Tricky Wave surf school. I ride for Centurion boats. They’re super awesome to me. It’s such a good company to be part of. 

What do you think about Waves?

They are definitely one of the best ones out there for sure. 

What kind of board do you got under those feet of yours? 

I have the Kanuk Blunt. I’ve been riding it for probably four or five years now. It’s my board of choice and I really like it. 

Any reason why you chose it or? 

I feel like it’s more stable for me personally. Personal reference, I guess. Personally, I find it easier and more stable to land tricks on. 

What are you working on now? Any stuff you want to share? Or are you just trying to get things dialed? 

This past summer I was trying to get 540 big spins, which I definitely did not. But coming down here actually, I’ve got it pretty consistent now. I went out today.

You definitely got a little fixated on that 540 big spin and would not let it go. I know. But you know what? I got it now. It’s on right now. I did like five tries today and I got it five times. I’ve been getting it good down here. I’m just going to bring it to Canada now. 

Anything else you’re working on? Do you have some cool moves? Is it all top secret these days? 

It’s not top secret. It’s just… I am slowly working on things. I need to figure out the names and actually comprehend them but it’s coming along. I’m working on a switch three shuv… I’m just working on making everything super consistent. I’m trying to make things into combos and stuff like that. 

Can you go into it a little more of what goes into your training? What do you do? Do you work out? What do you do for fun? 

I have a trainer now. I’ve been going to her twice a week. I’ve just been doing my stuff at home as well the rest of the week. I’ve noticed a huge difference in shuving the board, doing all this stuff. Even at cardio. Usually, when I get out there without training for one or two times, I’m like panting. But I’ve definitely noticed a difference. We’re not dying. So, it’s all good. 

Do you have any approach when you’re training? 

Usually, I get a lesson from you. And then, I work on it for a little bit. Get all the different kinks out. And then, I just go home and I go out in the morning with my dad for probably an hour and a bit. I just do the trick over and over and over again until I get it. 

That must be fun with your dad because your dad’s one of the least fun people I know [Chad, Sara’s dad is actually one of the most fun people you could ever meet.  If you see him around make sure to buy him a beer. Or better yet a white russian.] And super patient. 

I know. I feel kind of bad for him sometimes. Yeah, one of the most patient people I’ve ever met in my life. He really like stopping every 10 seconds and picking me up. 

For people that are listening, I don’t think most people understand how much high-level riders like yourself fall. 

Oh, it’s crazy. 

You go 10 feet and you’re like, “Yeah, I tried it. I fell.” There’s no going from one end of the lake to the other anymore is there? 

No. There’s no just riding the wave. Actually, while I’m down here, the only time I’ve been riding the wave is when they get too close to the shoreline. I’m like, “I’m not falling. There’s so many alligators in this lake.” 

Have you seen any? Have you seen some swimming around? It’s winter. They are hibernating, aren’t they? 

I hope so because I don’t really want to see one. 

So, they haven’t played gator with you yet?

No. I said you, “You play gator with me, I’m not getting back in that water.” I’m scared of fish, let alone these alligators. 

What do you got planned? Spring is coming. You talked about being down there for a while. 

Yeah, I think I’m coming back down here in a couple weeks. And then, if everything goes good, like no border shutdown with COVID and everything, then hopefully I’ll come back here for a couple more weeks and then maybe back down to Arizona. And then, likely in May or June-ish, I’ll probably come down to Kelowna with you and hang out, surf for a while. Live the good life. 

For those that don’t know, Canada right now has a two-week quarantine. If you come home, you’re locked down for two weeks. You’re not going anywhere. 

Luckily for where I am, we have rapid COVID tests so I only have to quarantine for a day when I get home. That’s pretty sweet. 

But you can’t leave Alberta. You’re stuck in your home but at least you can get out.

At least I got the mountains and skiing and stuff like that close by. That’s what I’ll be doing for the next couple weeks. 

If the world kind of opens back up, any contests from the past that you kind of want to revisit? What’s your best contest memory? Favorite one you ever went to. 

It was probably Callaway Gardens down in Georgia. It was the best event I’ve ever been to. The location was great. The water was always calm. It was on a private lake. You got to rip around on the golf carts everywhere. Jump off the top of the towers into the lake is such a good time. It’s so great there. 

Did you get to Waffle House? If you’re in the south, you got to go to Waffle House.

No. I’ve heard. I’ve tried chipotle while I’m down here. I love that. It’s the best thing ever. 

You never have been to chipotle before? 

No, never. I had it like six or seven times. It’s the best thing ever invented. 

Have you been to Rocco’s Tacos yet? 

No. Okay. I definitely will. I’m excited. I am loving this American food. I love trying it. 

Describe a perfect day. I guess you’re living it right now. 

I am living it. Honestly, I have good life right now. 

Explain how your days look like right now? What does it look like?

Down here, it’s pretty sweet. We wake up whenever we wake up. Not that bad but 9 o’clock. It’s still single digits. The sun wakes you up here. We wake up, eat breakfast, head to the lake, get a set in. And then, we come back. Eat some chipotle usually. And then, we go out for another set. Then come back in make some dinner. Then, hang out. Yeah, it’s been super sweet. Have a hot tub in between. It can’t get much better. I’m having a good time. 

Anything else you’re doing for fun down there? 

Honestly, not too much. We’re just hanging out on the boat catching some sun. I got a good tan while I’ve been down here. 

You got to hit some theme parks up when you’re there. 

Yeah, I did hit Disney World up here. It was good. 

Which one did you go to? 

Magic Kingdom. 

Did you go on the Peter Pan ride? 

I didn’t actually. I did Splash Mountain and Space Mountain a couple of times. It was super sweet. While I was down here there’s no lines due to COVID. I brought back some good memories from when I came here last time when I was 12. 

Anything else we need to know about you? Do you have any secrets? Do you got a line on some rumors going on? There’s a bunch of you guys down there. 

There is a bunch of people down here, I guess. I don’t have any rumors yet but check back a couple weeks and maybe I will.